The drought is definitely over and the vegetables are responding. The summer squash is looking healthy and happy in front of the greenhouse. Gleaners are harvesting the first of the summer squash in another area of the farm but this plot looks especially promising.

We are currently harvesting eight different vegetables with several more coming this week. Our pea crop is especially prolific, poor Colleen was becoming engulfed with pea vines as she tried to make her way down the row. These will soon make way for our Syrian summer squash that grows up a trellis. This seed is from Experimental Farm Network. It can be harvested at several stages during the season. I am eager to try it in all stages.

Our big excitement this week was the initial planting of our expansion. We might have been ankle deep in the aisles but the beds had drained and we snuck in 100 spaghetti squash and 50 more zucchini. I say snuck in because we are pushing it with the 105 harvest date with spaghetti squash. Fingers crossed and tarps ready, come October. We have lots more to plant in this new area but the continued moisture has stopped John from proceeding to work the soil.

This summer we have a cutting garden planted; a pick your own bouquet garden with lots of colorful annuals. I had read an article on pinching back zinnias and celosia to create many more blooms. It will delay your first bloom but I wanted to try it and here is a nice example of what happens. Instead of a single bloom we have 8 at once. The cutting garden is another way to raise money for Growing to Give and lets us all enjoy a splash of color on the slope. It should be open for business in a couple of weeks.
We were 5 pounds away from our 3,000 pound mark for the season on Friday. Many have commented on this being quite an accomplishment, but I just keep thinking “I wish it was more.” It will be soon, with our peak months coming up and the continued expansion.
Thanks to all of you who support our project in so many ways. Stop by the farm, take in the beauty, and check out the work in progress.  Theda