This week’s headliner was onions and more onions! Lots of nice big white onions were sent out in all three gleanings this week. We literally packed Dalton’s SUV with boxes to be delivered to MCHPP in Brunswick on Friday. Dalton is an intern from Bowdoin College working this summer with Merrymeeting Gleaners. He comes twice a week and helps us with gleaning, delivering, and anything else we might ask him to do. Thank you, Dalton!
The onions pushed us over 675# for the week. Hoping to head towards 1,000 soon.

An update on the zinnia post from a couple of weeks ago. I talked about pinching the seedlings when they were transplanted and shared a photo with lots of flower buds. Well, here is an example in full color. One drawback is the stems are shorter.
We wanted to share some of our flowers with the Saturday volunteers this week. Brigetta cut and arranged multiple bunches to be given away. Another volunteer baked fresh brown sugar peach scones to be shared by all. See, it’s not always weeding, weeding, weeding at Growing to Give. 🙂
The herb garden has a beautiful, cool color palette right now. Luckily the deer are only going for the borage and leaving the rest for the bees, butterflies, and us to enjoy.
So many people remark how beautiful the farm is right now. We had over 20 volunteers this week that helped weed, glean, and plant. This is why the farm looks the way it does. Thanks to all of you!