This week we added celery to our mix. Cameron is modeling two large crisp and crunchy bunches. The celery we can grow in Maine is much stronger tasting than the grocery store brand. It’s great in soups and salads. A little goes a long way. Cameron also took a great photo of a Yellow Monarch on one the first sunflowers of the summer.
Rebecca and Holly were in the cucumber tunnel guiding the cucumber vines up their designated ropes. They also get heavily pruned as they grow. We had such bad luck with cucumber beetles last year we are trying a couple of new plans of attack. One was spraying a water soluble kelp spray on the foliage every two weeks and the other was to plant marigolds in the entrances to the tunnel. I am not a big fan of marigolds. I appreciate their companion planting properties, but I don’t think they are the prettiest of flowers. Then I found these! Pinwheel Marigold from High Mowing Seed Company. Described as brilliant alternating red and yellow petals on every bloom. Maybe a contender for next year’s plant sale? I am officially a fan of these marigolds.
The Tomato greenhouse is looking happy and healthy. We are beginning to have tomatoes turn red. The two colors of basil planted by volunteers one Saturday are making a walk through the greenhouse a visual pleasure. The smells of tomato and basil together bring up so many food journeys.
The Farm Report might seem a bit slow this week because it was one of those weeks where we were just kinda plugging along. Lots of weeding and more weeding, and then there was weeding. So, I thought I would include a couple of photos of the goats discussing what tasty treat I might be bringing them. The goats are always entertaining  as these photos showcase.
That’s all for now. As usual, thanks to all who help us make this happen. Theda