More seedlings going into the beds this week. We now have over 2,000 onions and 600 hundred cabbages, all interplanted with various companion crops. Saturday volunteers started on new beds of Rainbow Swiss Chard. The chard is interplanted with rows of radish seeds and when the soil warms, possibly green beans on the outside edges. All of these plantings have been accomplished without disturbing the soil, supporting our plan for going no-till.
Carolyn and Maddie from the Merrymeeting Gleaners came and harvested 25 pounds of spinach on Friday. It was so windy! They were grateful to be gleaning in the tunnel, warm and out of the wind.


The rest of the Friday volunteers spent the morning in the greenhouse “potting up” the seedlings into 6 packs or 3-inch individual pots for the seedling sale. We are going to have lots of staff favorites for sale along with some new varieties to try out. May 20,21 and 22 are our sale dates. If you do take part in our fundraiser, make sure you have a little extra time to take a walk around the farm. The volunteers have accomplished so much already this season and we love sharing the beauty of the place.
This week the “fit it” team rebuilt one of our seedling hoop houses. Thanks, team, we really need it!
Last fall’s crop of winter rye is looking lush and green. This bed will have part of our tomato crop planted into it after it is crimped, then tarped in another month.
Those are some views around the farm this week. In whatever way you may support Growing to Give we thank you.
Sincerely, Theda