Stephanie Rayner

Stephanie Raynor
18 1/4″ high x 13 1/4″ wide
Watercolour on 100% acid free 280 gram ARCHES paper imported from France
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Stephanie Rayner is a Toronto/Maine artist, printmaker, international lecturer and art educator.  She was a long time member and Vice President  with Open Studio, one of North America’s foremost printmaking ateliers.  Her work with watercolour monotypes originates many of its processes.  Ms. Rayner’s artworks, shown widely and collected by major art museums, deal with themes and issues relating to spirituality and science. She was invited in 2010 by one of China’s foremost Art Academy’s to lecture on her work and introduce China to the water colour printmaking process she evolved. In 2016 Stephanie became the first visual artist to be awarded The Ashley Fellowship from Trent University.

Since 1989 she has exhibited exclusively in public art museums, with 18 group shows and 16 solo shows to date, most recently, Boat of Eternal Return at PAMA, Brampton ON 2015-2016. YOU tube ELQ interviews Stephanie Rayner BOAT OF ETERNAL RETURN

Visit to see pictures of the watercolour monoprints under OTHER ART... go to NEWS and click on the Loon icon to hear her speak on the creative process.


The colours are soft greys, hints of mauve, pale grey/blue, silver, black, peach and pale ochre. It is an image of botanicals…that, when we are not watching…dance by the light of the moon.

The art work is set into and frame matted back and front with Museum quality materials.