Nancy Marstaller

Nancy Marstaller
“Growing to Give: Lettuce”
8.5″ high x 11″ wide
Watercolor – Framed
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I grew up in Freeport and now live in Harpswell, near the ocean and surrounded by woods, a pond, and the gardens we have created around our home. I work with watercolor, pencils, collage, printing, and fabric.

My work has been shown in local businesses and galleries. I have taught classes in drawing and Ukrainian-style egg decorating.


My piece is a watercolor of farmers at work, inspired by visiting the farm on a day when people were transplanting lettuce seedlings and harvesting gorgeous heads of lettuce. I had first thought just to paint vegetables, but the organized, careful work of the farmers gave me new images. The food does not just magically appear for people, all washed and ready to eat; other people are giving their time and energy and hopes for full bellies to make this happen.