Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson
“Turned Up”
16″ high x 12″ wide
Watercolor on 100% cotton paper (140 lbs)
Minimum bid: $65
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Matt is a landscape watercolorist who finds his inspiration in the woods and along the shores of Maine. He is also drawn to abstract realism styles and loves playing with shapes, color and texture. He feels that a painting should capture a feeling. He studied with Sterling Edwards who taught him his watercolor process, and introduced him to “whiskey” paintings, where alcohol is used instead of water as a medium. One of his favorite places to paint is Wolf’s Neck State Park.


When I think of a vegetable farm, I think of dirt and plants coming up from it. With a blue sky as a background, we are reminded that plants connect the sky to the land in a simple but powerful relationship.

I am honored to have such a wonderful way to donate to such a great cause! Being a gardener myself, I know how much love and attention plants need. Growing to Give is doing such an amazing service for the community by providing fresh food for those who need it.