Planting Seeds and Planting Ideas

Farm Report – 5/9/23

I was reminded this week how Growing to Give helps empower the volunteers in our community with information on how to make climate-friendly choices. We have two long-time Saturday volunteers, Amy and Robin, who shared examples of their own empowerment with me this week.

Amy, who has a podcast called Grounded In Maine, mentioned how she enlightened someone to the advantages of paper pots over plastic pots. Amy’s podcast discusses ways to be mindful of solutions to combat climate change in our everyday lives. G2G’s switch to paper over peat or plastic fits right in with Amy’s mission. Thanks, Amy!

Robin was excited to tell me she had scored a community garden plot sponsored by her workplace. Overhearing a conversation about the timing of when to rototill, Robin brought up broadforking, a method no one had heard of. I let her know that the Brunswick public library has a broadfork in their lending library. Knowing Robin’s tenacity, I can bet the concept of  broadforking will no longer be an unknown at that community garden. You go, Robin!

This weather has been hard to work with and work in! Sunday we got 5 inches of rain at the farm. I couldn’t believe it. I have never seen our rain gauge read 5 inches. Of course, that meant we had to try to find indoor projects the first part of the week because there was a constant, lovely, chilly drizzle that followed us around. We had some beautiful Moskvich tomatoes ready to plant in a grow tunnel, so that is where we headed. The Wednesday Farm Skills Team along with Terri planted 250 tomatoes right down the middle of our earlier planting of Hakurei turnips. The turnips will be ready to harvest soon, so we can companion plant lots of basil with those tomatoes. This year’s Farm Skills teams are so positive and eager to learn. No one complained about the nasty weather (except me), and all were excited to be at the farm and do some planting.

Our Maine Coast Waldorf School 4th graders came back twice this week, along with the 3rd grade class for their first time. Thursday they did some lasagna layering in a tunnel that needed some extra organic matter. Carrie tells me they got really muddy! Then on Friday, we kept them a little cleaner and dryer by having them pot up tomatoes, which the Waldorf 3rd grade class had gotten started on Tuesday. Sorrel and Opal came last winter to help us make the paper pots so it was great to see them being able to put them to work.

The Fix-It Team went about fixing on Friday. Setting up irrigation, fixing trip hazard floorboards, and helpful little touches by Tom sprucing up the place were all part of Friday’s accomplishments. Next week the Fixers will shift from Fixing to building. We hope to raise both of our replacement tunnels next Saturday. Last week I mentioned Bob’s super human fixing skills. This week I want to thank Burnham and his Obi-Wan Kenobi approach toward getting us the building permits for all three of our new structures. Burnham magically appears at the farm, shares a bit of wisdom or guidance, and then quietly walks back home. You have so much patience, Burnham. Thank you for all the trips to the Town Hall. This would probably not be happening so fast without all your help.

Our week ended on a CRAZY busy Saturday! There were 40 of us out there working on planting, potting up plants, spreading wood chips, and whatever the heck Mila was doing. 

Cabbages, onions, leeks, and chard went in the ground with the help of our regular volunteers, folks from St. Bart’s Episcopal Church in Yarmouth, Master Gardener Volunteers, the Farm Skills team, and the farm crew. Carol led the Skills team, Carrie kept everyone going in the seedling house, Genevieve did a lot of mowing, Mila made a mini compost pile with wood shavings and kelp, and I just kicked back and watched. 🙂

We accomplished so much this week with the help of so many volunteers. Lots of the Saturday volunteers were experiencing the farm and our project for the first time. Many told me they were impressed with our operation, the beauty of the place, and would be back. Thanks,that would be great!

It was a wet, cold, sunny, warm week in Maine.

Always grateful,