Emma Maasch

Emma Maasch
“Prolific Produce”
11 5/8″ high x 11 5/8″ wide
Archival ink on slate tile
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Emma Raine Maasch lives in Harpswell Maine with her two tortoiseshell cats. She is a potter, and she draws and paints on the surfaces of her ceramic pieces as well as on paper. Or whatever other found objects she deems in need of a figurative or floral makeover.


Walking through the farm’s sprinklers and hoop houses, I was drawn to the amaranth edging the crops and the viney cucumbers blooming and bearing vegetables. I walked through the rows of flowers surrounding the productive crops, and imagined the ways in which they nourish and protect the food being cultivated. I imagined the many hands that tilled, planted, and maintained the crops. I reflected on the passage of time, and how responsive the plants are to the sun and the rain. I created the piece using archival ink on a slate tile. The piece hangs by a wire between two D ring hangers.