Amy Kustra

Amy Kustra
“Spring Onions and Rhubarb”
14″ high x 14″ wide
Oil on board
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Originally from Michigan, Amy grew up in New York and lived in California before driving cross country to Maine in 2002.  Before turning to the arts full time, she studied environmental studies and anthropology in college and became a family physician with a specialty in integrative medicine and community health.

Amy works primarily in oil but loves to paint plein air in gouache as well as draw regularly from the figure.   Her current works are meditations calling for humanity to rekindle their sacred relation with the earth and all of its creatures.   She feels that this reconnection is infinitely healing and crucial in addressing earth’s greatest challenges including climate change, forced migration, societal inequities, and racism.

Amy lives in Freeport with her partner, Scott, and two children, Julien and Ava, along with their dog, Rosie.

She works at Running with Scissors Studios in Portland, Maine.


My painting is called “Spring Onions and Rhubarb”  14” x 14” Oil on board

I visited the farm one morning in early June.  I was immediately drawn to the bed of onions and rhubarb.  The plants both seemed almost prehistoric; the thick, robust onion stems topped with huge orbs and the enormous, reaching, corrugated, rhubarb leaves.  I sat for a long while, looking and sketching.  I loved the way the two plants intermingled – creating wonderful negative spaces, sharp angles and soft organic curves.  I was also struck by the coolness of the blue green onions juxtaposed with the  warmth of the rhubarb.  In this painting I used oil paint with hints of charcoal pencil peeking through.