Growing, Giving, and Learning Project

The Growing, Giving, and Learning Project brings local children to Growing to Give (at Scatter Good Farm) to learn about local solutions to hunger, healthy food, and climate-friendly agriculture. Students will get hands-on experience working in the fields, and harvesting vegetables. Additionally, basic concepts about food insecurity, the food system, and climate-friendly agricultural practices will be woven into the experience.


Through this hands-on experience, children will:

  • Learn basic information about food systems and local food insecurity
  • Learn basic information about health-friendly and climate-friendly farming
  • Develop seasonal gardening skills (how to put gardens to bed in the fall, spread compost in the spring, harvest veggies from early spring to early fall, etc.).
  • Develop appreciation for the positive impact volunteering and service can have on our community and ourselves.

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We welcome any local childrens’ group, ages 3 and up. To learn more please contact Patty:

Patty Carton, Co-Director & Co-Founder
Growing to Give


Growing to Give at Scatter Good Farm
30 East Coxon Road
Brunswick, ME 04011