Theda’s Farm Report – 6/8/2021

John installed an awesome awning for us to work under and escape from the heat. We utilized the space during our Friday gleaning and look forward to working in the shade, much better for veggies and humans! Carrie finished the new beneficial hedgerow this week with help from our WWOOFERS and B.J.  Carrie was on ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 5/24/2021

This week ended with our plant sale. It was great to have people back to the farm and we thank everyone for their support. I am sure Cathy will be glad to be able to stop fretting over whether the plants needed to be watered! We still will have elderberries and a few other extra vegetables ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 5/17/2021

This was our first gleaning of rhubarb. Rebecca picked a wagon load and you can't even tell she picked any! Lot's more to share these next couple of weeks. The Cumberland County gleaners came for the first time this year. Colleen and Lauren picked and washed 100 pounds of lettuce! It went to Presente in Portland. ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 5/11/2021

Today we had a special guest, Nancy, all the way from Pittsburg. I hope she doesn't mind me referring to her as our oldest volunteer to date. At ninety-one, she may also hold the record on who has traveled the farthest. Here she is with her two daughters, Sharry and Diana, essential members of our ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 4/24/21

More seedlings going into the beds this week. We now have over 2,000 onions and 600 hundred cabbages, all interplanted with various companion crops. Saturday volunteers started on new beds of Rainbow Swiss Chard. The chard is interplanted with rows of radish seeds and when the soil warms, possibly green beans on the outside edges. ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 4/10/21

Lots happening at the farm this past week. The warm weather made volunteering a pleasant experience for us and our group of Chevrus High School students. Sixteen students from their environmental studies club came to help with some of our early spring chores. Laying wood chips in our aisles, cleaning beds for planting, moving sandbags, ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 4/3/21

John and his fix-it team started up this week. Several new volunteers came to the farm, were given a tour, and a potential to-do list for this season. Thanks, everyone, we really appreciate the extra help. Repairing the roll-up sides to the tunnels was a priority and became a reality. Volunteers are still ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 3/27/21

We were excited to harvest and send out our first donation this week. Fresh, sweet organic spinach was delivered to Woodside Senior Living in Lisbon. Judy, a volunteer with Growing to Give is our contact person and reports that one resident is especially fond of spinach, we were happy to deliver! An interesting sidenote to Friday's ... Click to read more.

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Farm Report – 3/20/2021

Happy Spring!  We have lots to celebrate at Growing to Give this week. Old friends returning to volunteer and new volunteers coming to help and join our community. We were so excited Saturday to welcome our first mother/son duo since covid caused so many restrictions last season. If you would like to bring along your ... Click to read more.

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