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 Farm report for January 2021

I walked around the farm yesterday to see how everything is holding up with these up and down temperatures and two really strong wind storms in the last month. The Rimmel greenhouse took a hit at both ends. The panels and doors were blown askew. John is already on top of securing them. That seemed ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 11/7/20

We continued to work on putting the farm to bed. Pulling and cleaning all the birdhouses, getting ready for next spring's inhabitants. Draining, labeling, and stacking all the irrigation hoses. The deer fence was taken down, labeled, and stored. Again, because of all of our volunteers, these big projects were all done quickly and efficiently. ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 10/17/20

Wow it was a busy week! Again over 700 hundred pounds of fresh organic produce was harvested by our gleaning partners. Rebecca and I calculated that we have about three more harvest days of food in the fields. We hope to have more that can be harvested from the tunnels towards the end of the ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 10/10/20

Still plugging away on protecting the beds for winter. Take a look at this beautiful cover crop. In this beautiful green blend of plants are daikon radishes. Here is Carrie showing off one of these delicious veggies. Roasting them seems to be everyone's favorite way to eat them. Another idea for bed protection ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 10/3/20

Wednesday was that crazy windy weather day. Sheets of rain fell on our hardy crew. Two of the Merrymeeting Gleaners, Carol and Trish, came to help harvest and deliver over 350 pounds of produce. We packed their cars and Carrie's car. Carrie was interested to see a destination of our food and volunteered to take ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 9/26/20

We made a big jump this week in our total poundage donated. Another 1,000 pounds bringing us up to 11,445 in year-to-date vegetables delivered. Fifteen different vegetables making up this total with Winter Squash starting to be in the mix. This is Robin's Koginut, a staff favorite. Very sweet, perfect for pies. We ... Click to read more.

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Garlic Sale

We have sorted and bundled our Music garlic into two categories: The bigger select bulbs (3 heads, 25-30 cloves) weighing 1/2 a pound total are $10. A variety bundle weighing 1/2 a pound is $7. Both can be planted or used for culinary purposes. You can stop by Monday through Saturday 8 AM-2 PM if ... Click to read more.

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