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Newsletter – Fall 2018

With fall vegetables still being harvested, and preparations well underway for early spring harvest, things are still busy at Growing to Give. But as Thanksgiving Day approaches, we hope you’ll join us in taking a few moments today to reflect on the true spirit of thanksgiving days - a spirit that countless humans have celebrated ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 9/28/19

The harvest Another week of incredibly beautiful weather at the farm this week. This warm weather is encouraging the cool-weather spinach, radishes, and Hakuri turnips we planted earlier this month. Really exciting! The second plantings of broccoli and Chinese cabbage are also being harvested. The peppers and tomatoes in the greenhouse and tunnels are still ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 9/21/19

"Goodbye" to an almost perfect Maine summer and "hello" to one of a lot of people's favorite season's: fall. I think one of the highlights of the past summer was no drought. Yes, we still irrigated almost daily in July but there was no real concern about the pond getting too low and needing to ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 9/14/19

Planting season is coming to a close... This week was bittersweet, starting to harvest the acorn squash and putting in an entire tunnel of spinach. That is it for planting for this season, the spinach will be ready mid-October and, with the extra protection, hopefully, the harvest will last a couple of weeks. Then as ... Click to read more.

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Moderation Brewing FUNdraiser

UNVEILING OF CUSTOM HARVEST BREW Saturday, September 28 (2-5 PM) Moderation Brewing Company 103 Maine St, Brunswick Come to this fabulous FUNraiser to try a custom ginger beet ale made with Growing to Give’s organic beets. Our farmers planted the seeds June 21 and then harvested and delivered 40 pounds of beets to Moderation Brewing ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 9/8/19

Growing to Give's harvest this week Our total poundage of food harvested this week was close to 600 pounds. This was with two days of gleaning, Monday being a holiday and a day off at the farm. We're still harvesting over 12 varieties of vegetables and herbs. Wednesday gleaners going to 8 different locations. The ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 8/31/19

Everyone seems a little sad with our beautiful summer coming to an end. We do have six more weeks of our growing season for those tender crops and two months for the cool weather crops. That is why we are still planting spinach, radish, lettuces, and turnips. Here is our Earthway Seeder being used to ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 8/23/19

Support from Head Start Volunteers Lots of volunteers this week including five women from different Head Start Programs. They are the cooks from these schools and are determined to serve nutritious meals to the little 3-5-year-olds in their care. They were sharing ideas on how to sneak vegetables into the kids' meals! They helped us ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 8/17/19

17 different types of veggies to 12 different locations We are in high harvest season now. Seventeen different types of vegetables were harvested and sent out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a total 1,098 pounds to 12 different locations. That amounted to 30 large boxes of mixed, fresh organic produce. We were informed that Freeport ... Click to read more.

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Theda’s Farm Report – 8/10/19

Garlic harvest and new master gardener volunteers Last week was the week of garlic. Our plot of garlic was harvested, cleaned, and put away to cure with the help of many new volunteers. A call went out for extra help and our good friend and supporter Lynne Holland put the word out to her Master ... Click to read more.

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